HBC COVID Protocols 5/15/21

  1. Services

We will continue to offer 2 Sunday morning services (8:30AM and 11:00AM) with Sunday School at 9:45AM. We will continue to offer our overflow room in the Youth Room (located behind the Sanctuary). During these services and Sunday School, we will not be requiring physical distancing and will not be requiring masks (see section 3 below regarding masks). These two services will continue to be identical in every way.

That said, I know that for some attending a service which does not exercise physical distancing or require wearing a mask (see section 3 below regarding masks) is daunting. Therefore, we will offer an outdoor evening service beginning Sunday, May 16th at 6:00PM. This service will offer the same sermon as the first service but will not include music/singing or childcare. Weather permitting, this service will be held on the grass behind the gym. If weather does not permit this service to be outside, it will be moved into the sanctuary.

  1. Sunday School

In conjunction with our in-person Sunday School classes, we will continue to offer one online option for adults. If you are interested in attending our ZOOM option, please contact the church office for information.

  1. Optional Masks

Please be respectful in Christlike fashion of those who may differ in opinion regarding wearing masks or not wearing masks.  

  1. General Cleaning

We will maintain cleaning standards, including disinfecting between services, spraying disinfectant/wiping down tables and doors after rooms have been used to promote general cleanliness.